Palmo is a logistics network for light electric vehicles in cities, with a focus on optimisation and low cost.

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What our founder think:

We are impacting the world by….

educing the cost of sustainable urban delivery and accelerating the replacement of vans 9

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years …

will see a dramatic increase in delivery on light electric vehicles

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to…

access a network of valuable mentors and peers and accelerate our progress!


Our mission is to decrease the cost of sustainable urban delivery by 5x. To get us there, we are building an aggregation & optimisation layer for existing and new light electric vehicle (LEV) fleets and connecting them to retailers who ship from within the city. Retailers will benefit from sustainable and fast shipping from within the city, but at a fraction of today’s cost. And fleet partners gain improved income opportunities. Retailers will access the shipping network primarily through APIs, while fleet partners interact with Palmo through a rider app & a partner dashboard. And at the core we have our optimisation engine, that ensures the real-time pooling of orders from various retailers and the best possible use of the available capacity.We have built a first version of the optimisation engine (called the Optimisation Plugin) with a leading LEV delivery firm and are currently in the process of going live.

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