We tap into nature's open source code to create cheaper, better and cleaner materials for bio-inspired technologies.

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What our founder think:

We are impacting the world by….

changing how we illuminate our world with natural light

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years …

is going to adopt biomaterial

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to…

Create a base in Berlin and take Mimotype off the ground.


The journey that began with Edison’s light bulb is now headed toward highly energy-efficient, eco-friendly and naturally brilliant and colorful ambient light sources. OLED, short for Organic Light Emitting Diode, is the next stage in this evolution. Large-scale adoption of ambient OLED lighting is still hampered by high production cost and several issues with blue light emitting layers. The molecules that emit light in living organisms are closely related to those used in OLED.

Founder team

Claudio Flores

Claudio Flores

Co-Founder & CEO

Danilo Flores

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer



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