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heyyoli is an application for sensual self-pleasuring with a focus on guided audio practices from various coaches and ai-voices tailored to the user’s needs.

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What our founder think:

We are impacting the world by….

transforming lives through mindful self-pleasuring and fostering well-being and happiness.

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years …

will embrace greater sensual freedom and destigmatize self-pleasuring taboos.

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to…

access a large network, to challenge us and make us grow!


With heyyoli, our mission is to build an application combining mindful audio-guided self-pleasure practices for adults (targeting women first).At the core of heyyoli’s vision are three fundamental goals:Body reconnecting: We aim to support and empower adults in (re)connecting with their bodies in a sensual, pleasurable, and mindful way. Our application provides a safe and inviting space for this journey of self-discovery.Positive life impact: We seek to (re)introduce adults to the concept that nurturing a strong sensual and pleasurable connection with their bodies can have a profoundly positive influence on health. We believe that pleasure and well-being are intricately linked.Self-care and self-pleasuring: We’re on a mission to create awareness about integrating self-pleasure as a fundamental component of self-care in people’s daily routines. Our practices contribute significantly to one’s overall happiness, health and well-being.

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