Building a virtual environment, simplifying the transition to electric mobility for commercial fleets.

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What our founder think:

We are impacting the world by….

…enabling cost-effective and simple transitions to electric mobility for commercial fleets.

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years …

…will rapidly transition to electric mobility.

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to…

…meet the right people and refine our go-to-market strategy.


ELU Mobility addresses two significant challenges in the e-mobility sector: Simplifying e-mobility software development and planning electric fleets. With our advanced digital twin technology, we simulate all components within the e-mobility ecosystem including charge points and electric vehicles. This enables companies to catch and solve problems virtually, cut costs, and reduce risks before implementation. Our solutions provide businesses with the tools to efficiently design, test, and optimize their e-mobility infrastructure. ELU Mobility substantially reduces cost of quality and ensures a smooth transition to electric mobility.

Founder team

Niklas Hildebrandt

Co-Founder and CEO

Luca Burghardt

Luca Burghardt

Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Alfonso Sastre

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer


E-Mobility industry, Simulation Technologies

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