Dr. Notes: AI-powered medical documentation. Automates workflows, frees physicians' time. Integrated into exisiting infrastructures.

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What our founder think:

We are impacting the world by….

…revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered through the power of AI.

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years …

…will embrace AI-powered solutions to improve healthcare efficiency and patient outcomes.

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to…

…rapidly scale our AI healthcare solution and reach a wider market.


Dr. Notes is an AI-powered medical documentation platform designed to alleviate the administrative burden faced by physicians. Our solution utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning models trained on extensive medical datasets to automate the generation of clinical notes and records. Doctors simply select the patient and note type from their EMR dashboard, and Dr. Notes records spoken dictation during exams or therapy sessions. It then automatically generates a draft clinical note summarizing the encounter in real-time, which doctors can review and edit before saving it directly to the patient’s EMR. This seamless integration streamlines documentation workflows, allowing physicians to save up to 2 hours per day on note-taking. Beyond note drafting, Dr. Notes also assists with coding, referral letters, and follow-up tasks, further optimizing clinical efficiency. Our platform’s anonymized data continuously trains our models to improve accuracy.

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