Multi-vendor platform for quality approved Wellness- and Beauty-Services for queer*, trans* non-binary identified people

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What our founder think.

We are impacting the world by….  making beauty and wellness services safer for queer*, trans* and non-binary customers.

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years …  will become a more inclusive and accessible place where niche markets will be explored thoroughly.

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to… to successfully grow our idea into a viable product while connecting with their incredible network.


When we go to get a massage or a hair cut, we can expect to relax and feel comfortable. Right?

For many of the 5.8 million queer*, trans* non-binary identified people in Germany, however, this is still not the case: though protective laws are finally in place, most service providers still haven’t been trained on how they can interact respectfully with a queer*, trans* or non-binary person, which can lead to a whole range of stressful interactions for these particular customers.

QEQUAL’s mission is to accelerate societal change that is already happening: we aim to make such services as hair cuts, massages and hair removal (to name but a few) more accessible for everyone, including queer*, trans* and non-binary people and also for people with disabilities. We are building a digital platform that is coupled with a quality approval system, through wich these customer groups can easily book safe services in accessible service spaces where they can relax.

Founder team:

Larissa Gleich

Strategy & Financials

Hank D. Wüstenberg

Sales & Community Building

Nannette Swed

Tech & UX


Wellness & Beauty
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