NOCA mobility

NOCA mobility is a digital procurement association for bicycle components that aims to enable sustainable urban mobility solutions.

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What our founder think.

We are impacting the world by….  enabling sustainable urban mobility solutions to become more competitive.

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years …  will have to manage the transition to a purpose-driven economic system.

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to… focus on our idea full-time and receive the support necessary to successfully enter the market.


Please provide a longer description of your product/ services (800-1000 characters) As a digital procurement association for bicycle components, NOCA takes care of the negotiations, transactions, and transparency along the supply chain between bicycle OEMs and component suppliers. We bundle our customer orders to achieve price and payment advantages. For our partners – the component suppliers – we offer a trusted point of market entry and sales channel. We do all of this digitally. As a B2B SaaS solution, we combine an online shop with an order management system, communication channel and business intelligence dashboard. As a result, we make orders and components trackable, and collect and analyse data that can help our customers make better procurement and forecasting decisions.

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Bicycle Industry, Supply Chain Management
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