We are transforming sewage sludge into energy as a stepping stone to help wastewater treatment plants become modular off-grid power plants.


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Nina Heine

Luka Smajila

Shit2Power founder team

Previous co-founder of KPMG Venture Services, first employee Silicon Valley startup, B2B sales expert, sustainability nerd.

Nina Heine

Co-Founder & Business Lead

Previous founder of KayInnovations, energy podcaster, chemical engineer & energy technology expert.

Luka Smajila

Co-Founder & Engineering Lead

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We are impacting the world by…. recycling wastewater into water and energy.

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years … will experience a severe fresh water crisis.

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to… to live up to our full potential and find key partners.

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We turn sludge into hydrogen with a scalable container plant, incentivizing wastewater recycling and reduce CO2 emissions. We are taking the sludge of wastewater treatment plants and retrieve energy-dense gases that can be used as fuels and heating pellets, through our innovative process. We address the pain of waste disposal for wastewater treatment plants and offer a greener and more sustainable approach to circular water use and treatment.

This is a stepping stone to help wastewater treatment plants to become power plants. Together, we want to enable a process where the entire global wastewater is recycled and used as a resource to produce renewable energy.

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