Nana is a textile engineering concept and Femtech brand that draws on melding enabling technologies with fully-fashioned, made-on demand, 3D knit.


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Foundeder team

Lydia Maurer
Morgane Parizot

NANA founder team

Creates an overarching vision for our venture. Gives our brand, product and company culture an aspirational visual identity.

Lydia Maurer

Brand and Design Lead

Robina is focusing on the business strategy at Nana and develops the digitals product roadmap, from building the data hub to the digital customer experience.

Robina von Stein

Business Strategist


our founder


We are impacting the world by…. reducing waste and being customer-centric via intelligent knits, produced iteratively without invent.

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years … will only buy custom-made products and knitting will be the key to unlock this in a scalable manner.

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to… realise our business, helping us run our idea by a diverse and knowledgeable network of mentors.

More about NANA.

Trained as a chemist and holding an MSc from the French Textile Engineering School ENSAIT, I have a deep understanding of materials in general and a strong knowledge in textiles. I have over 8 years of experience in the apparel industry with companies such as Adidas and PVH, holding positions in sourcing, product development and product & digital innovation. More recently I took the lead of the Education team of Redress, a globally recognized NGO tackling fashion waste, building circular design educational content.

A certified Design Thinking practitioner with IDEO U and a firm believer that sustainable practices are the only future possible, I am driven by creating human-centric innovative solutions that generate positive impact.

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