A mobile application that helps farmers in developing countries to improve their harvest yields with machine learning and satellite data.


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Founded Team

Jakob Röhrenbach
Johannes Röhrenbach
Lukas Röhrenbach

Mavuno Founder Team

Jakob is responsible for the general management and the data processing and modeling of the satellite data.

Jakob Röhrenbach


Johannes is responsible for the Product Design and User Experience Strategies.

Johannes Röhrenbach


Lukas is responsible for the local operations.

Lukas Röhrenbach


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We are impacting the world by…. improving agricultural production in developing countries and decreasing world hunger.

We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years … will experience an agricultural revolution but also a revolution in the use of Remote Sensing.

REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to… access a vast and very professional network, funding opportunities and further expertise.

More about Mavuno.

Mavuno Technologies is developing a mobile application, which uses Machine Learning to extract information about crop health and production from satellite data, to help farmers in developing countries make better decisions and improve their harvest yields. At its MVP stage the application helps cashew farmers in Tanzania to use pesticides more efficiently by providing up to date information about the disease status of their crops. In the cloud the information is extracted from the public Sentinel 2 data, where it is first controlled, cropped, upsampled and modeled.

The information is then loaded onto the users smartphone and displayed on a mapping interface, which shows where and how to apply pesticides. Besides the mobile application Mavuno Technologies also offers further services for community members, such as the pre-financing of pesticides, in order to fully leverage the use of the application.

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