Smart, powerful LEDs that can help to make indoor farming more sustainable and profitable.

Crocus Labs

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Horticulture Lighting



Foundeder team

Dr. Prash Makaram

Evgeny Gubin

Tim Schäfer

Crocus Labs founder team

Prash is driving the company´s strategy. He is furthermore our specialist for LEDs and Sensors.

Dr. Prash Makaram


Evgeny is setting up our plant grow chambers and benchmarking our solution for growth of a variety of crops. He brings a wealth of passion and experience in designing and conducting experiments around plants and lights.

Evgeny Gubin

Horticulture Engineer

Tim is in charge of all business development activities from customer interactions to marketing & sales. He supports the information flow inside our startup and between us and outside stakeholders.

Tim Schäfer

Business Development Manager


our founder


We are impacting the world by… enabling regional, sustainable food production without pesticides. Helping to achieve UN SDGs.


We are convinced that the world in the next 5 years … is moving towards more efficient Indoor agriculture to feed the whole world and save natural habitats.


REAKTOR.BERLIN enables us to… focus on the core activities by providing some pre-seed capital interms of stipend.



More about Crocus Labs.

Crocus labs is developing ultra high efficiency smart lighting solutions for Indoor Farming. With one product line customized for greenhouses and one for Vertical Farms. Our novel smart lighting systems will guarantee state of the art in electrical efficiency across the entire PAR spectrum while enabling optimized plant growth and yield. We control our whole value chain which helps us to be cost efficient and offer our lights at a significantly lower price than comparable products.

Vertical Farms especially will benefit with significant(~40-50%) OPEX savings related to electrical costs. We want to make modern Farming even more efficient, sustainable and profitable.


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