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Executive Coaching & Consulting

Stefanie Heizmann

Stefanie studied psychology in Berlin.
She completed further training in systemic family therapy, systemic organizational consulting and systemic supervision. After working as a research assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Educational Research, Berlin and at the Institute of Cognitive Science in Boulder, Colorado, she took on various HR functions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.
After long years as a manager in a prestigious consultancy, she decided in 2012 for independence. She focuses now on coaching of top managers, on being a trainer for coaching and on team development activities with top executives.
Executive Coach

Anke Hunziger

Anke has more than 20 years of leadership experience, among others as Board member of a German TecDAX company. She holds a degree in European Business Studies gained in Germany and the UK, worked as an international project manager, and held various marketing positions before she became increasingly interested in the "people side" of business.
She is a certified business coach, wingwave coach, systemic organizational consultant, and consultant for positive psychology. Her HR roles included: senior consultant for a renowned German consultancy, HR director of a fast-growing international solar energy company and its CHRO in times of crisis.

Since 2010 Anke has been an independent consultant, collaborating with an international network of HR professionals. She works as an executive coach, facilitator for team development activities and conflict resolutions, and diagnostics expert to support talent development and validate recruitment decisions.

Design Sprint Coach

Semih Aridogan

As founder and CEO of Strive, I help teams and companies to apply the newest practice, methodologies and tools, so they can move faster, ship new products and provide more value to their customers - with less frustration and more fun.
Semih supports clients of all industries and sizes in accelerating projects or educating their employees to do so.
Innovation Advisor & Pitch Coach

Dirk Lehmann

Dirk is borned in a country that doesn’t exist anymore. That taught him early on that we can change everything for the better and take control of our future.
In his daily work, he challenges entrepreneurs, transforms companies and inspires people to make change happen by telling engaging stories. He just so happens to do that as an advisor, coach and speaker.
When he is not helping others to level up, he seeks inspiration while traveling other countries and connecting with the global ecosystem. As a world citizen at heart, he is known for his never ending smile and kindness to his peers.
Agile Coach and Facilitator

Philip Dziubalski

Philip is on fire when it comes to finding and implementing the ideal methodology for working on a theme in workshops. He wants to encourage his participants to trust their hands and, through story-making and play, to gain in-depth insights that will help them master any future.
Coach and Talent Development Consultant

Marina Wöber

About ten years ago, Marina quit her successful career as a business consultant for HR and went about exploring the world. After crossing two oceans on a sailboat she realized that autonomy and independence are core values for her. Ever since, she is working as a freelancer and enjoys having a choice in the people she is working with.

Marina holds a degree in psychology with a focus on human resources and organizational development, is a certified business coach and systemic consultant. She works as a coach, diagnostic expert and facilitator and supports individuals, teams and companies in the development of leadership skills. Marina is passionate about accompanying others on their way to more awareness about their strengths and abilities. Her working style is characterized by clarity, curiosity and result orientation. She believes in the power of communication and empathetic listening.