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With the new female founder accelerator ‘HER.REAKTOR’ Reaktor.Berlin fosters female Entrepreneurship to solve Grand Challenges and build role models for future generations.

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What makes the HER.REAKTOR Female Founder Accelerator Program special?

HER Reaktor is a barrier-free, family- and queer-friendly accelerator program for startups with a share of women of over 51> in the captable. Female solopreneurs are very welcome.

In addition to the high-quality bootcamps and masterclasses typical of REAKTOR.BERLIN accelerator, we place particular emphasis on the challenges of female entrepreneurship, e.g. in terms of networking, presentation and negotiation skills, access to the right communities, investor relations, investment readiness, and funding, as well as creating a program that makes it possible to combine career and family or other care work.

You can meet these successful female founders in the HER.REAKTOR environment:

Mentors and Role Models

In our high-caliber network of mentors, you’ll find private investors, venture capitalists, experienced entrepreneurs and CEO, plus cool female founders who are already a few steps ahead. All of them are ready to share their knowledge and network. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet them during masterclasses, bootcamps, investor office hours, or at our community events.

Dr Caro Gabor

VC | Entrepreneur | Non-executive director

Christine Kiefer

Co-Founder at RIDE Capital | Founder Fintech Ladies

Anastasia Barner

Founder of FeMento

Jessica Wimalasooriyar

VC @ IBB Ventures | Consumer & Digital

Ruth von Heusinger

Gründerin ForTomorrow

Sophie Dürr

VC @ Endeit Capital I Series A/B I B2B SaaS

And of course you can in addition access the entire Reaktor.BERLIN mentor network and BACB mentor network.


HER.REAKTOR was created with much love and great motivation by Stefanie van Laak and Sascha Schubert

Figures from the World Economic Forum show that the growing number of women-led start-ups is not reflected in their share of the financing volume. There are many reasons for this, but they are not insurmountable. Financial planning, law and taxes, product-market fit, go-to-market and growth marketing, sales and networking – the skills that female founders build up in HER.REAKTOR are initially no different from conventional programs. 

After all, no company run by women will make it onto the market through empowerment alone. Our female founders are competing for the same money as their male counterparts. Our focus therefore remains on preparing the participants for investments. Rather, it is the framework conditions that we are changing with HER.REAKTOR.

Stefanie van Laak, Program Director HER.REAKTOR

Germany needs more female startup founders, and these founders need a different ecosystem. The current funding and support landscape has been built on male success patterns. Pushing female founders through a „male“ system with more money barely increases the number of women entrepreneurs. Something unique is needed. And that’s what we aim to develop. We support and guide differently. And in doing so, we pioneer new research.

We are committed to creating an environment where female founders can thrive, with tailored support that recognizes and nurtures their unique strengths and challenges. Join us in reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape and fostering innovation through diversity.

Sascha Schubert, CEO und Founder REAKTOR.BERLIN

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